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Healthy Classic Hot Choc

This is great, simple recipe for an all-time classic Hot chocolate.  I have been playing around with the recipe for a few days and I believe this blend is the winner!

Why is it so good for you?

Well firstly, cacao is a great mood-stabliser which promotes a sense of well-being.  It is full of rich antioxidants and essential micronutrients such as magnesium and zinc which are vital for proper cell function in the body and functioning of the nervous system.  So why wouldn’t you try and have cacao everyday?

Another ingredient Maca has great benefits for women in particular (sorry, guys) by balancing hormones which are important in menopause and also sexual function. It also plays a great role in enhancing mood and energy.

The ingredients for this simple, delicious and inexpensive hot chocolate are as follows:

1.5 cup almond milk (other milk is fine too, full cream/soy etc.)

2 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 pinch of Himalayan salt (other salt is fine)

1 tbsp natvia (stevia also an option)

Add all of the ingredients to a small sized saucepan on low-medium heat and stir to mix through and get rid of clumps. Once you start to see the liquid rising / frothing, take the saucepan off the heat and sit for a minute.  Pour into a glass to serve.  Can top with cacao nibs or extra cinnamon if desired.




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