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Quick Chocolate Protein Mousse

I am all for making a healthy version of a classic treat or dessert.  This way you can still enjoy your favourite desserts but without any nasties.


1 can of coconut cream (chilled for a few hours or overnight) (use 1/2 can, the solidified portion first)

2 tablespoons of cacao powder

vanilla essence (dash)

1 tablespoon stevia

1 scoop of Harvest Cacao Blast Protein Powder

pinch of salt

1 quest bar (for topping) (I use double choc chunk)

strawberries (for topping)


Add all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and use a hand mixer and blend until is starts to resemble a mousse consistency.

Pour mousse into bowl and top with strawberries. Option to add a ‘quest bar’ but that is a personal preference.  Very delicious on its own.

Please comment or tag me if you make this and any feedback you may have.

x CC

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