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Top products from a Nutritionist

Even with a nutrition degree, a lot of the time I get into the supermarket and I am like this ……….


Seeing fat-free, paleo, low gluten, fodmap friendly, low carb, 98% fat free….. does it end?

Lucky for you, on my recent adventure in the health food store I went around and snapped my current favourite products that I have been using at home.

Without further ado, here are a few of my go-to’s: (Just FYI, I went into health food store, some of these are available at regular supermarkets some may not be).


I use this in place of soy sauce. In stir-fry’s , with my scrambled eggs…. yum!


Need I say more…… Questies.   I have these little beauties because they pack a neat 20g of fibre in each serve….plus over 20g of protein. P.S My favourite flavour is double choc chunk.


I love these Gluten-free rice crispibreads.  I top them with almond butter or avo and hard boiled eggs…perfect snack.


I alternate between soy, almond and coconut milk for my smoothies.  If you can have dairy, go for it, if you cannot, then I recommend Bonsoy or the next product.


Love PureHarvest!! I use a lot of their products.

IMG_8505If I am time poor when making my lunches for a few days at work, I use one of these jars of simmer sauce to put into my chicken, onion and veggies with brown rice.  They have different flavours as well but I am yet to try.


Another alternate to soy.  Less sugar than normal soy.  Gluten-free and salt reduced.


I use this to season my veggies or even hard boiled eggs. I add some to my sweet potato just before putting into the oven as well.


RedSeal is my preferred toothpaste at the moment.  I have tried a few flavours and they are all good. I think they even do a cinnamon one…… interesting.


A few months ago my friend got me onto this.  It is an amazing, soothing face treatment that I use overnight. Recommend.

Okay, so these aren’t exactly food products….. but I love the lemongrass scent and this brand have a great skin care range as well.


If I could be bothered to put a fake tan on I will use this.  No nasties and you can use it on your face as well.


Little afternoon treats.  I love anything peppermint and carob is delicious so it’s a winner.

And there you have it!! I hope these give you some ideas when in the health food store next.

Any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.





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