Skin & Gut Health Hack

Skin and Gut Health Hack Part 1. 

I bet you have used this ingredient at some point. Myself living in South-East Queensland I am very familiar with this as a salve for my sunburnt skin as a teenager (sorry mum). Of course, I am talking about Aloe Vera This is fast becoming one of my favourite ingredients to use as it has SO many benefits. Which, might I add, does not involve purchasing any additional products, all which can be quite expensive.

I am going to go through 2 QUICK and EASY ways I incorporate Aloe Vera into my day-to- day to help with my skin, gut and digestion.

1. Aloe Vera Water

-May improve digestion (soothes digestive tract)

How I use it


Firstly, you’ll want to find some Aloe Vera Barbadensis around the house or find a neighbour with some).

Photo 2

Chop a piece off about 10 cm in length (don’t worry, the plant will grow back)
Photo 8
Next, place your piece of aloe in a glass of water and leave for at least 30 minutes This drains the “bitter” yellow part of the aloe and we’ll throw the water out.
Photo 4
After draining off the yellow “bitters”, next, we want a nice big “chunky’ bit of aloe.
Photo 5
And then we slice the skin off. As if you were filleting a fish. Slice the topside and the bottom side off. We want a fleshy-gooey chunk of aloe.
Photo 6

This is the bit we want to keep .

Photo 9

We’re going to leave this in a glass of water in the fridge. Now, every day for the week, add about 1/2 a cup of this “aloe water’ in your normal water bottle. Then fill the “aloe water cup’ back up and leave it. This will be good for about a week. Then you’ll need to start again with a “fresh” piece of Aloe from the garden.

OPTION You could use a piece of this fleshy aloe to put into a smoothie. Extra points!

2. Skin Treatment

How I use it

From making our ‘aloe water’, we have those leftover skins off the aloe plant.

Photo 10

After I have washed and cleansed my face I rub this all over my face and the backs of my arms. It is such a soothing natural treatment that can be used for redness or just as an easy skin repairing treatment.

I’m always interested in hearing your home health-hacks so please get in contact through Facebook (Claudia Cramer Dietitian) or Instagram (@claudiacramerdietitian).

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