Health Hacks on a budget

Hello friends :))

I want to share with you my favourite apps I currently use and most importantly why. It can be overwhelming sometimes scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or even ITunes Store and seeing a thousand new interesting ‘health’ apps. Often I’ll get caught up and think yes that looks awesome and download a new app, but come 1 week later I’ve forgotten all about it. So, below are a few that I have as part of my ‘minimal’ thing going on…. Every month or so I have a purge of all the things I don’t use on my phone and these guys have stood the test of time.

Here is what my current ‘health’ folder looks like.

From left to right I’ll explain each one and you might be able to incorporate some in your day-to-day.

1. Easy Diet Diary. This is a way to ‘track’ your food intake. How it works is that you can ‘add in’ certain foods and it tallies it up for you for the day. It also tells you the amount of protein, carbs and fat in each ingredient. This can be very useful if you are interested in knowing just how much you are eating over the day, if you’re tracking your macros as a tool for bodybuilding competitions or just pure aesthetics. I used to use ‘My Fitness Pal’ but I found it was hard to get proper Australian ingredients in their data-base and it had a lot of American foods. For this reason I transitioned to Easy Diet Diary. A few things I love about this. It’s super easy to use and gives you prompts. For example; if you clicked ‘chicken breast’ it then pops up with the cooking method ‘steamed’, ‘fried’ etc. Keep in mind these foods and the data base are only an estimate as so many things can influence actual food nutrient value, such as the weather and seasonality of produce. However, I use this app to ‘track’ my foods. I’m not as strict as I used to be as I don’t compete in bodybuilding, but I love manipulating my diet and playing around with different carb fat and protein amounts and seeing what happens. A bit of an experiment. You may not be at that stage but you might find it useful if you’re starting your health and fitness journey. Often I will have clients who are doing everything they think is right to be ‘healthy’ but are often overlooking the little things, such as overall intake.  Often people are not aware of the ‘little things’ that can creep up in your diet and contribute to overall calories. Such things as your coffees through the day.  Even having 2-3 flat whites per day can contribute to your overall energy which you might not have thought about.

2. Clue! I LOVE this app. Also, sorry guys this one is for the girls. Your time to look away is now.  So, this app is a way to track your menstrual cycle.  I started using this to see if I could see a trend for my hormonal acne.  How it works is that each day it prompts you to enter some data (pretty personal) about your mood, skin, bowel health etc etc. and obviously if you are in your menstrual cycle.  It then uses a few months of data to predict when you’re next cycle will be.  As I mentioned before, I tracked about 6 months and found out I was getting cyclic acne (big, hormonal acne around my jaw and chin) post period.  So this made me look and research into possible reasons for this.  Even if you don’t suspect ‘hormonal’ issues, this is still a great app to quickly plug in your answers for the day and predict your next cycle (always a win).

3. Zero. This is an app which tracks time. It is used in the context of intermittent fasting. I never used to think this was important but the more research I do (and thanks to an awesome friend who is hella smart), who has helped me see some of the science behind intermittent fasting.  I still haven’t even done a whole day, however, I set the ‘clock’ to ~15 hours (have my first meal around 12 midday) and might do this once a week or so. I find it mentally very tough and not ready to do any longer, but one day I will and I hope to do a few days fasting.

4.  Uber Eats. This is a sometimes app haha! This one is self-explanatory but I wanted to highlight just because I’m a bit of a health freak doesn’t mean I don’t have a few ‘off-plan’ meals.  I don’t eat to a meal plan I just eat to how I feel, which sometimes is a beautiful thai curry or vietnamese pho! Yum.  This is very irregular for me however, I am usually organised and have meals ready to go.

5.  Fitstop app. If you’re around Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, chances are you’ve seen one of these gyms around.  I use this app to check in to classes during the week to keep me accountable to going.  I go around 4 times per week and have just hit my 1 year mark of training with the Fitstop Fam. You could do this with whatever ‘fitness’ or training you do. It’s great to keep accountable.

6. Moment. I only just got this app.  Lately I have felt like I have been on social media for too long.  Yes, it is for my ‘business’, however, too much social media can leave you drained and a bit spaced out.  So, I use this app to give me a ‘snap-shot’ into my daily social media usage.  I got a HUGE shock one weekend when I realised I had spent 6 HOURS on my phone that day. Now I am trying to stop the mindless scrolling and just get in a get out with social media.

7. Mindbody. As with number 5. this is what I use to book ‘other’ sessions such as Yin Yoga or a stretch class. Mindbody is cool because it lets you search your location and see what is going out around you.

8. Health. This allows you to ‘track’ your steps for the day.  Some days when I’m on my desk on the computer, I will check in with this app and see I’ve only done around 1 thousand steps.  Definitely not enough for the day.  I usually get ~7k-8k with a day at work only as I’m on my feet most of the day.  It is a great tool to get your bum into gear if you see you’d only done <1,000 steps and go outside and have a walk! This will get the blood pumping and flowing and is a natural anti-depressant. Even if I don’t feel like going for a walk (when I’ve done no steps that day) I always feel 100% better getting out in nature with my spotify playlist or a podcast.

I hope that these suggestions will help you with your journey to becoming healthier and happier.

CC xx

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