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I grew up in a country town in Queensland where it was quite normal to go to the local cafe, bakery or takeaway store after school on most days with friends.  Where I lived the only places to purchase food were the two supermarkets, a few cafes and many takeaway stores.

It wasn’t until I finished school, started going out and drinking most weekends and working big shifts at work in hospitality, that I realised that what I was eating was making me feel tired, irritable and not healthy, vibrant or happy.  

It definitely did not happen overnight, but let me tell you, I feel energised, happy, focused with stable moods and it is all to do with nutrition and the foods I am feeding my body.

Fast forward to a few years later and now I live in Brisbane where I have completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Queensland in Exercise Nutrition Science and my Masters in Dietetics.

My personal philosophy is that food does hugely impact your mood, confidence, energy and that make small, manageable changes in a positive direction will help you feel better than you ever have.

Now that I know how good I can feel with the right nutrition, I want to continue to fuel my body with fresh, delicious food.  

Whatever level of support you need, whether it’s a positive influence on your life or some easy, tasty recipes for you to try, my goal is for you is to take something away from my site that will positively impact your life in some way.